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Therapeutic Massage


Invigorating full body massage designed to improve circulation and enhance muscle tone.

75 minutes£49

Back, neck and shoulder

Tailored to suit your individual requirements. From soothing and relaxing to deep tissue muscle work.

30 minutes£25
45 minutes£32

Relax Lava Shell Massage

Using natural self-heating tiger clam shells, this unique massage technique with the combination of warmth and silky smooth shells will have you wondering out of the treatment room on cloud 9!

75 minutes£55
30 minutes£35

Hot Stones Massage

Soothing oils and warm basalt stones are used to relax the muscles, relieving stress and tension allowing for a deeper and more intense all over massage.

1hr 30 minutes£55
45 minutes£35


Indian Head Massage

A deeply relaxing treatment for head, neck, shoulders and arms. The massage is given through clothes whilst in a seated position.

30 minutes£25


Soothing and relaxing, this gentle pressure point massage uses essential oils blended uniquely for you.

75 minutes£52
30 minutes£26

Massage for Pregnancy

Whether you are a first time mum or getting to be a pro, this massage technique helps sort out all those aches and pains that can crop up.

For more information and prices, please, ask for the Massage for Pregnancy leaflet.